Weekly Inspiration (Week of May 31st)

Staying Hydrated during the Summer Months-

Staying hydrated is vital to your body functioning properly. 75 Percent of Americans are dehydrated, dehydration leads to irritability, fatigue, and can even cause severe problems in the body. As your body is 60% water, maintaining a healthy intake would ensure that circulation, digestion, and vital organs are properly functioning. Water also maintains electrolytes needed to support muscles. Dehydration can not only affect your overall internal health but as well as your appearance. Your skin will be more dry and susceptible to wrinkles if you do not drink enough water. You can prevent headaches, boost your energy, and boost your metabolism if you tackle dehydration.

Ways to increase water intake are as follows:

Drink a glass of water with every meal

Eat fruits and veggies

Add water flavoring to water bottles

Download a water tracking app

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